What are the risks and exposures for landscapers, and why do I need insurance?

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Nowadays we have insurance for almost everything like we have insurance for our vehicles, our health, shops, and houses. Huge companies also have insurance for their businesses. Everything on this earth has a risk of its own. These risks are covered by insurance. The landscape also has risks, and to include that the coverages are termed as Landscaping Insurance

Exposures and Risks for landscapers

Any landscaper, landscape architect, or a landscape designer are prone to all these risks that we will be talking about, and these risks are covered in Landscaping insurance. So let’s hop into the given bullets.

  • Property exposures- Property here, may be concluded in a packed office, yards for shelter, or an area for growing herbs, shrubs, flowers, or trees. These can be built in an open space or an enclosed area like a greenhouse. We have talked about all these areas prone to fire risks, wind risks, animals or insects, snow, rains, frost, or accidents. These factors can damage the property well. Sometimes, when we grow flora greenhouses or an enclosed area, these areas are subjected to be replaced from time to time. The outer covering of this property was made up of the lowest eye56glass grade that can be broken easily. While the new covers are made up of plastic layers, they turn out to be yellowish in some time, which blocks the sun rays essential to our plants. Fire hazards are also common in these areas. 
  • Premises liability exposures- The rate of these exposures can be decreased if public access is reduced. However, injury can happen quickly in landscaping areas. Like a customer can slip on a wet floor, because the plants were watered just before. Or they can even trip over some equipment to trim trees or shrubs. Spraying insecticides can cause illness to some people and even property damage. 
  • Crime exposures- this is because of employee dishonesty. Before taking in any employee for the services, a full background check, criminal histories must have to be checked.
  • Business auto exposure- If your business includes plants’ transportation, this will be the most common damage to your business. During the shipping of plants, they can be involved in collisions, which subsequently will damage the whole lot.

Importance of Landscaping insurance

As any potential business, Landscapers are also subjected to varied types of injuries and risks on every single day of the job. Landscaping insurance includes a variety of coverages for your business and according to your business. You can choose any of the Landscaping insurance from the list or select a package that provides you all of the listed coverages. In case you are sued, this insurance will cover for your liabilities, for your worker’s compensation, select vehicles or equipment that you are using in your business, and include other specialized coverages. From accidents to toxic plants to suing, there are lots of pitfalls in a landscaping company. So make sure to have adequate insurance for your landscaping venture.

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