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What does WPIC 92 15 mean?

WPIC 92.15 Physical Control While Under the Influence—Defense—Safely Off the Roadway It is a defense to physical control while under the influence if, prior to being pursued by a law enforcement officer, the person causes the vehicle to be moved safely off the roadway.

What does proximate cause mean in WPI 15?

WPI 15.01 Proximate Cause—Definition The term “proximate cause” means a cause which in a direct sequence [unbroken by any superseding cause,] produces the [injury] [event] complained of and without which such [injury] [event] would not have happened. [There may be more than one proximate cause of an [injury] [event].]

Why did the WPI Committee change the superseding cause instruction?

The WPI Committee rewrote this phrase so that the instruction better integrates with the wording of WPI 15.05 (Proximate Cause—Superseding Cause). No change in meaning is intended—the phrase “unbroken by any new independent cause” is an expression of the doctrine of superseding cause.

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