Wpc16 Admin Agent


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Wpc16 Admin Agent

Which wpc16 form to use with wpit18 agent dashboard?

WPC16 complete Form Agent WPC16 Dashboard, SL618 Full version that is part of the WPC16 form to use with WPC16 form for WPIT18 Agent Dashboard, with a completed form that is compatible with WPIT18.

Who can sign up for a WP online account?

You can sign up for a WP Online account if you are: A business owner. You must be a Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident or an EntrePass holder. An employee of a registered business. You must be a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident. A foreign employee of a registered business.

How to configure work permit online (WPOL) eService in corppass?

Log in to CorpPass account. Go to the e-Service Access tab. Choose Work Permit Online (WPOL) as one of your company’s eServices. Assign Work Permit Online (WPOL) eService to the WP Online administrators and users.

What is WP online and how do I use it?

WP Online allows business employers and employment agencies to perform Work Permit transactions, such as applying and requesting for issuance of a Work Permit. Please access WP Online using a desktop or laptop, instead of a mobile phone or tablet. Mobile browsers are not supported.

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