Wpc Vinyl Flooring


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Wpc Vinyl Flooring

What is the difference between vinyl flooring and WPC?

WPC is a class of Engineered Multilayer Flooring and is a subcategory of Vinyl Flooring. WPC refers to "wood plastic composite" but oddly enough, there are very few WPC floors that contain any wood.

Is SPC and WPC flooring eco-friendly?

More than a few of the best SPC and WPC flooring brands now sell low-VOC vinyl flooring, which we think is wonderful. So while most vinyl isn’t exactly environmentally-friendly flooring, it’s better than it was just a couple of years ago. What Looks and Styles Can You Find SPC and WPC Flooring In?

Can I install WPC flooring over existing floors?

Homeowners can also install WPC flooring over many types of existing floors, and it typically doesn’t need to sit in the home for several days to acclimate to moisture and temperature like other flooring types. Style Options: One of the biggest benefits of choosing any type of vinyl flooring is that there are practically limitless design options.

What is SPC vinyl plank flooring?

Different brands tend to change up the exact formula, but the general idea is that SPC vinyl plank flooring includes material like powdered limestone in its core for enhanced hardness and durability. Think of it as the Yin to WPC’s Yang.

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