Wpc Diy Decking


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Wpc Diy Decking

How do I Clean my WPC DIY decking?

Our WPC DIY Decking tiles can be cleaned with water and mild detergent, using a cloth. Stubborn stains can be lightly scrubbed but heavy scrubbing should be avoided due to the inclusion of natural materials.

How to use L shape WPC for decking?

Then you USE L Shape WPC edge cover or flat fascia board to cover the edges. Finish the decking installation,then inspect for some reserved slot. If necessary,it can use portable cutting machine to trim the solt, ensure the slot straight.

What is the most environmentally friendly decking material?

Wood plastic composite outdoor WPC decking is a relatively environmentally friendly material. It has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastics, and a new type of environmentally friendly and high-tech material that can replace wood and plastics, so it is also widely used.

How to fix WPC keel to concrete floor?

2-Fixation of WPC keel—Expansion screw can help to fix the joist/keel into the concrete floor. The distance between the fixed points of plastic expansion screw is 500mm~600mm,Require the screw cap to be lower than the wood plastic keel surface,When wood plastic keel is fixed, need to do whole flat.

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