The Singapore Migration Services: Your Choices

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There are three categories of work visas available to professionals who want to migrate to Singapore:

  • A company may only employ a certain number of S Pass holders.
  • A migrant’s spouse, children, and parents may visit Singapore with them if they have a Dependent’s Pass or a Long Term Visit Pass.

In contrast to other countries, Singapore maintains a policy of welcoming all arrivals. For many years, the number of people coming to our country from other countries has been rising gradually. To understand more about moving to Singapore, keep reading.

The Merlion Park in the Singapore Central Business District is a must-see while visiting Singapore.

Singapore’s immigrant population is not a recent phenomenon. The island’s population was dominated by immigrants before to World War II, and this tendency persisted. So How to Migrate to Singapore?

A total of 5612.3 thousand persons lived in Singapore in 2017, of which 1646.5 thousand were non-Singaporeans.

More over 80% of the island’s populace are of Chinese descent, with the remaining 20% being Malays and Indians.

The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) may be found here.

enrrepass singapore

Are You Considering Relocating to Singapore?

It’s not just one thing that drives people to go to Singapore, but a combination of factors. Newcomers to this country find it quite easy to get started because of the large number of expatriates in the country. Education in Singapore is of the highest quality at all levels, from kindergarten to university, and for students of all backgrounds.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Moving to Singapore

Migrants from neighboring countries make up the bulk of Singapore’s population. Individuals from these countries may travel to Singapore through a number of means. Depending on their reasons for moving to the area, this might have a significant impact.

For the Purpose of Getting a Job

Three unique types of work visas are available if you are a professional who wants to migrate to Singapore.

Pass for Work (Employment Pass): An Employment Pass may be required for a highly qualified professional who intends to relocate to Singapore (EP). An application for employment must be submitted by the employer. Only if they remain employed by the same employer may this benefit be extended. Employers that hire someone for the first time will need to file a new EP application whenever they move jobs. It is possible to extend the term of an EP for up to three years.

EPs are exempt from any kind of tax or quota. Migration workers who make more than $4000 a month may bring their spouses and dependant children to Singapore. A migrant’s parents may accompany them to the United States if they earn more than $8000 a month.

Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria in order to get an EP:

  • It is necessary to provide a starting salary of $3,300 per month to new employees.
  • According on the applicant’s degree of experience, a higher minimum salary may be offered.
  • In order to be considered for this post, candidates must meet all of the educational criteria.
  • The applicant must have relevant job experience in order to be considered.

The Other Side’s Doorway

In certain quarters, this is referred to as a “Entrepreneur Pass.” In order to open a new business in Singapore, you need apply for this visa program. At any time, a one-year Entre Pass may be renewed forever.

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