How to upgrade your product sampling campaign?

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10 Tips for the best Product Sampling Campaigns - Purity


A sampling campaign acknowledges the ins and outs of live events and provides samples to potential consumers. A sampling agency must accept modern mobile and social marketing and time-tested presentation and display methods under the Product sampling program


Samplrr assists brands with customized business techniques to generate product awareness of new and current products to have a broader reach within the aimed audience.

As a Product Sampling Agency, Sampler introduces a unique mixture of technology, strategic center group sampling, and accomplished marketing professionals to associate with potential customers through approximated activations. We help raise new products in the market and collect valuable customer reviews.

How to upgrade your product sampling campaign

Know what you’re trying to achieve

  • Maybe you’re looking to create a high volume of reviews for one particular product, or you’re hoping to develop studies across multiple items in your product catalog under the Product sampling program. Either way, it’s essential to understand your end goal to run a successful product sampling campaign.
  • Some brands and retailers send out a low volume of samples for a wide range of products to achieve high coverage — the number of products with reviews under the Sampling agency. It is crucial because, on average, when PowerReviews customers display 0 reviews to at least one response for a given product, they see a 108% lift in trade, a 65% lift in alteration, and a 92% lift in deals.
  • Some businesses set out to create a high volume of reviews for one particular product. This strategy creates a high content volume before development starts under the Product sampling program. 
  • The resulting response gives customers the satisfaction of conversation and provides insights to assist brands and retailers in recognizing and fixing any product flaws before the start of dry Sampling.

Know your estimated audience

Make sure the people who collect your samples are part of your ideal audience. It will ensure you’re sending to more engaged recipients and will see higher review collection rates under the Product sampling program. Here are a couple of methods to do this:

Send surveys

Always send surveys to potential sampling recipients with estimated questions about your items. For example, if you’re executing a sampling program for a toy train, you might ask if the recipient has children between the ages of five and ten. And make sure you send a new study for each campaign. It ensures you send your samples to engaged and active people, leading to higher collection charges under dry Sampling.

Cultivate your database

Working with a sampling supplier with a customer database in many different situations is beneficial. For example, the PowerResponses sampling database has been accomplished over the last ten years to ensure that our customers can target all potential demographics under the Product sampling program. As a result, PowerResponses can aim for specific client personas for different movements. 

For each movement, we screen our database with certified questions and only allow the samples to the applicants who meet our client’s specific requirements under dry Sampling. We also pull live data points and permit contact information for every movement.

Understand which products allow themselves to the most successful movements

At PowerReviews, we’ve found that product sampling movements are incredibly successful for these three types of products:

Product launches

Before launching new products, execute a sampling campaign to ensure you have plenty of reviews available. Shoppers are much less likely to buy a product that doesn’t have reviews. Recent PowerReviews research found that 45% of shoppers will revolve to a search engine if there aren’t responses (or aren’t enough reviews) for a product on a brand or retailer site under dry Sampling.

Seasonal promotions

For products with a short shelf existence, such as holiday-themed items, it’s key to generate reviews immediately. A pre-season sampling program will ensure your seasonal product has plenty of reviews when consumers start actively shopping for it under the Product sampling program.

Targeted products

 Most likely, other products in your catalog need additional feedback content. One good illustration is products that have high trade but low transformation. Operate a sampling campaign for that estimated product to create responses — and in turn, give users coming to your product sites the satisfaction to convert under dry Sampling.

Time your sampling campaign right

A common mistake is that you must wait for a product to be live on your website before operating a sampling movement– but that’s not the fact. Instead, use these campaigns before the product is live to launch with plenty of reviews.

At PowerReviews, we suggest that brands and retailers complete a sampling campaign before the product is live on your site or a retailer’s site. It gives you time to collect all reviews, syndicate them and fix any product issues mentioned in responses under dry Sampling. On average, sampling movements last 6-8 weeks, and we start seeing reviews created at the end of the third week.

Badge reviews correctly

When it comes to product sampling, clarity is critical. To preserve trust and openness, indicate which reviews were written due to the sampling campaign.

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