Get cash for your unused gold to get through the festive season

Get cash for your unused gold to get through the festive season

The silly season is almost upon us. If you are thinking about Christmas now and wondering how you are going to get through it financially, the answer could be right under your nose.

A lot of people have some kind of gold jewellery or ornaments lying around in their homes but these aren’t of much use unless they are worn and enjoyed. You can make some extra cash by selling your gold jewellery and have enough to have a merry Christmas after all. The problem is that if you are not familiar with how the whole process works, it is easy to make some costly mistakes.

Having said that, there are several options you should be aware of:

#1. The Jewellery Store

If you have jewellery to sell, you should know what the value of the jewellery is. If you are not sure you can take your gold jewellery to gold buyers Australia for a valuation. They would know the exact price of a piece of jewellery.

#2. Pawnshops

Most people know pawnshops to be the best places to buy gold jewellery at lower prices but they also offer good prices for items that are pawned or sold to them. You might not get the amount that a jeweller will quote but you will get a fair price that can go a long way in helping you sort out your temporary financial needs.

#3. Gold Buyers

These days gold buyers are everywhere. If you can’t find a buyer near you then you can always sell gold to a pawnshop or via mail to pawnshops that are far from you. Brick-and-mortar stores have to factor in overhead costs which rise with inflation. Virtual gold buyers Australia like online gold buyers do not have to factor in such costs. This affects the amount of money they can offer for your gold jewellery.

#4. Do Your Research

The different options offer different prices. Look at the factors that affect the price of gold and the ones that are set to affect the future price of gold. That means you have to be aware of the current news and keep track of the price of gold through various economic and world events.

#5. Set goals

When approaching a gold buyer try to have some sort of figure in mind. Try by thinking first about what you need and how much gold you might need to raise the money. You also need to be realistic about what you can expect but also be ready to negotiate the price until you get an offer that is close.

#6. Organise your gold

If you are planning to sell your gold jewellery, organise it according to karats. It does not hurt to clean it up a bit so it is a little shinier and more presentable. Once you have separated the karats, weigh them and get estimates from at least three buyers. Take your time. Negotiate and choose the buyer that offers you the best deal. Be sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy gold buyer, ask questions. Make sure you know and understand what it is you are doing. This way you know you’ve done the best you can do to get the best price for your gold and you can have all the money you need for your family to get through the silly season.


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