Can I Delete My Gcash Account


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Can I Delete My Gcash Account

How do I suspend or Delete my GCash account?

You may try dialing *143# and navigating to GCash to find the option to suspend or delete your GCash account. Take note that this only works with Globe SIMs. Submit a Support Ticket. If dialing *143# doesn’t allow you to delete your GCash account, you can reach out to GCash by submitting a support ticket.

Can I have more than one GCash account?

Even though GCash does not prohibit their users from having more than one account at the same time, some people still have to delete them for ultimate security. Besides, some might want to learn how to deactivate GCash account When they find another suitable app like PayMaya to use and do not have any need for GCash anymore.

How do I unlink my GCash account in messenger?

Unlinking your GCash account in Messenger is done via going thru the “Chatbox, select “Money”, and then select “Your Account”. You will be given an option to “Unlink Account”, select it and then confirm by selecting “Yes, Unlink” Afterward, GCash will send you a message of confirmation of unlinking your account.

What is GCash and how does it work?

GCash has played an important role in the Philippines' modern life. With this e-wallet, storing money and paying online is so convenient. Because many corporations in the Philippines accept GCash as one of their payment methods, more and more people are choosing it.

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