Bedroom Wpc Wardrobe


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Bedroom Wpc Wardrobe

What are the different types of bedroom wardrobe designs?

Hinged bedroom wardrobe designs have doors that open in the room. Sliding wardrobe designs have sliding doors, fitted in the carcass of the wardrobe, giving the room a more seamless look. If you have a smaller space, pick sliding wardrobe designs.

What is a built-in wardrobe?

Built-in wardrobe designs are customised to fit-in every object in the bedroom and help make it decluttered. This design, for example, is built around the bed to accommodate its shape and it also serves as a partition between bedroom and living space.

Do wardrobes come with fittings?

Browse our wide range with many different styles and sizes. Many wardrobes come with interior fittings included, such as clothes rails or shelves. Add atmosphere.

What is the Pax wardrobe system?

Our PAX wardrobe system lets you organise the inside of your wardrobe to match your things, not the other way round. Lots to hang? Choose more hanging rails. If shelves are your thing, add them in. The possibilities are endless. The only certain thing is a feeling of calm – with the doors open and closed.

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