Are You Planning to Take Your Car to Alaska?

Are You Planning to Take Your Car to Alaska?

Moving to Alaska has several benefits, including reasonably priced real estate, the absence of income and sales taxes, and genuinely magnificent natural beauty. However, you must first get there, which for many movers entails travelling by car.

Although travelling by car to Alaska is not always challenging, it is vital to be prepared. Would you like to use Ship A Car, Inc. to transfer your vehicle? This can also be an option for you to consider.

Anyone who has travelled the world will be familiar with Alaska’s size. Alaska, however, is a very long way from any US state that it borders. It takes about 18 hours to drive from the Canada-Washington State border to the Canada-Alaska border.

1,700 miles separate Seattle from Juneau, Alaska, and a car ferry is necessary. The distance between Seattle and Anchorage, the largest and most populous city in Alaska, is 2,260 miles, or 41 hours.

It is simpler than you may imagine shipping a vehicle to Alaska. However, you must be aware of the regulations and follow them to the best of your ability if you are transporting a vehicle to Alaska.

Road conditions while driving to Alaska

While driving to Alaska, you will come across a wide variety of automobiles, from large RVs to sedans and other tiny autos. The Alcan Highway and the Cassiar Highway are both paved, so you don’t have to be concerned about navigating challenging terrain.¬†

However, keep in mind that the roads on the Cassiar are narrower than they are on the Alcan, which could cause you to travel more slowly in traffic (though this is unlikely when you are driving through the heart of Canada’s wilderness).

It is crucial to stress again that you should have your car inspected by a mechanic before you travel. They can ensure that everything is in working order for the trip and offer further advice, such as whether your automobile will benefit from snow tires.

Considering travelling to Alaska in a moving truck? There are particular things to keep in mind. For tips on anything from driving a moving truck over the mountains to driving a moving truck in the rain and snow, check out the guide to driving a moving truck across the country.

Best season to drive to Alaska

The roads you will encounter on your trip to Alaska will mostly depend on the season you are travelling through. If you are concerned about the weather, plan your relocation for late spring or summer when the chances of the roads being free of ice and snow are the highest.

The Alaska Highway and other important routes connecting the US mainland are maintained throughout the winter. As a result, you will undoubtedly be able to travel during the fall or winter, even though you must consider the special circumstances of travelling during bad weather.

Another thing to bear in mind is that during the winter months when the tourists are less, many service stations, including hotels, restaurants, and even petrol stations, are closed for the season.


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