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If you live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and are in need of medical insurance Zenith Direct Care is the place you need to go. Zenith Direct Care offers a variety of membership medical insurance options that cater to you and your health needs. You will have access to resources such as X-rays and vision screening. Their coverage even includes therapy for chronic conditions like high cholesterol and diabetes and you can also save money with our pharmacy discount cards on all your prescriptions. Their alternate health care offers are all affordable and convenient to sign up for. You can get a comprehensive healthcare plan that often costs less than half of what health insurance would cost and has a lower maximum out-of-pocket cost. They are Utah’s largest alternate Direct Primary Care Group, with locations throughout Salt Lake City and Utah County. Here are a couple more reasons why you should consider signing up for their alternate medical care membership.

Traditional health care with modern technology.

What is meant by the statement above is that with their alternate medical insurance plans you will have access to a doctor in more ways than one such as text messaging, email, and online virtual visits. Meeting with a doctor doesn’t have to be difficult, they make it easy and convenient for you to seek help from a health care worker.

Much more affordable.

They offer alternate medical insurance plans at a lower cost than insurance companies. Healthcare providers must meet increasingly complex and time-consuming requirements from insurance companies to be paid. Providers are therefore forced to employ expensive and many support staff. This means that providers are forced to see more patients in order to pay these additional costs. In turn, this results in a burnt-out healthcare provider with less energy and time to attend to each patient’s individual needs. This also means higher insurance premiums for the patient. There is an alternative to medical insurance that provides basic primary care in a more efficient way located in Salt Lake City.

Removes the middleman of medical insurance.

You can have a closer relationship with your healthcare provider and yourself if the “middlemen”, (health insurance companies), are removed from primary care. Our alternate Direct Primary Care is the solution. Your overall costs will be significantly lower in most cases. The best part is that you can have an alternate healthcare provider who is willing to give you more attention and provide the care you need. Direct Primary Care provides better quality healthcare at more affordable prices. Contact the Zenith Direct Care team in Salt Lake City to learn more about how you can participate in the Direct Primary Care medical insurance option. They are happy to provide details on our affordable membership pricing. Contact them now!

Zenith Direct Care offers an alternate medical insurance plan to those in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.


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