3 Services Provided By SEO Companies in Utah

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All of the services provided by search engine optimization companies in Utah can be categories in two sections: off-page search engine optimization and on-page search engine optimization. On-page optimization involves any site element that can be controlled and is (generally) not affected by outside factors. Comparatively, off-page optimization encompasses strategies that must occur outside the website, or events that cannot be controlled. A few on-page SEO services include:

Heading Optimization

Headings, which appear at the top of any section on all of the landing pages on a website, help viewers and Google to understand the hierarchy of the site’s content. All pages should have at least an H1 and an H2, but may have more depending on the length of the content. Google categorized content based on H1s, and therefore, H1s should be keyword optimized. By optimized your H1 in a specific context, Google will acknowledge your content as relevant to a specific topic, preferably a topic that appeals to potential leads for your business. All other headings on a page should feature variations of the same core keyword.

URL Optimization

URLs, or uniform resources locators, make your site more appealing to visitors. By having a short, simple, and clear URL, potential viewers are more likely to click on your site, because it appears more relevant to their query. Your URL should be keyword optimized as well, so that it is more likely to rank on their Google search.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is a three-step process. First, the images must be compressed. Large image files cause site pages to load slower, increasing the risk of users abandoning the site. Second, the images should be high-quality. This means that you must use compressors that don’t compromise the quality of the image. Third, your images must have alt tags. An alt tag is a brief description of an image that appears while an image is still loading or after it has been downloaded. It helps users to understand the purpose of the image in the event that it isn’t loading, but it also helps Google to understand the image’s context, making your page more relevant to certain Google searches.

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